Project Name

Cultisan Limited

Our Role
Design, Development, Deployment, Support
Client name

Jason Hartly

Mobile application that helps users to connect with the best Farmers, Chefs, Food and Winemakers and make it easy and fair for them to buy their products. Users can view their products, content related to them, etc. as well as Sell own curated products on Cultisan Market space.
  • Mobile Development
    Mobile Development
  • UI/UX Design
    UI/UX Design
  • Backend Development, Payment gateway integration
    Backend Development, Payment gateway integration
  • Mobile React Native - Firebase
  • Front end React.js, Redux
  • Back end Firebase
  • Payment gateway Stripe
  • Code Quality Tool ES Lint , Prettier


Cultisan app was using firebase as a backend and user authentication and There was a Shopify website as well for their curated market products, and they wanted to sync all orders from the mobile app and Shopify website so we tackled this challenge by combining Shopify graphql APIs, Stripe APIs using Firebase Functions.

Cultisan had a nearby Farmers, Makers, and Chef’s locater with a custom range. So we tackled this by writing a logic to get nearby users according to their let long.

The client had a small team so we used to discuss all possibilities and give him useful for required functionalities

Come up with the best possible UI for the given requirement since there was no Designer involved



Jason Hartly (CEO of Cultisan) wanted us to Create a Mobile app and assist him to connect Farmers, Makers, and Chefs and also sell products for curated store

Front end – An Easy admin module to manage Farmers, Makers, and Chefs data
Back end – Design & Architect the entire project in firebase
Mobile App – An easy-to-interact user experience in React Native



Initially, the job was to create POC to connect Farmers, Makers, and Chefs by giving users details after that while working on the project It was challenging to think of all possibilities related to the given requirement and Come up with the best possible logic for the given requirement.
We archive them by doing the required research and coming up with the best possible solutions.