Project Name

Diet Challenge

Our Role
Design, Development, Deployment, Support
Client name

Amr Saleh

Welnes brings top-notch nutritionists and professional workout trainers to set up the most efficient home workout and diet programs customized especially for their users according to their requirements and BMR value by giving customized Home workout plans and customized recipes with video and also give points according to the progress. Users can also see feeds of there friends or people in the same challenge and stay motivated by seeing others completing there goals.
  • Mobile development with Backend development
    Mobile development with Backend development
  • Web Development,
    Web Development,
  • UI/UX Design
    UI/UX Design
  • Mobile React Native - Firebase
  • Front end React.js, Redux
  • Back end Firebase
  • Code Quality Tool ES Lint , Prettier


  • Design optimized data structure to manage thousands of at the same time with lots of inter-related firebase Firestore collections.
  • Give users points by tracking their daily activities and showing them on the leaderboard.
  • Integrate Egypt’s local payment provider gateway (Accept payments) which had no mobile SDK and less documentation available for integration.
  • Accomplished project within a short time frame due to early product launch.
  • Manage live video stream of fitness/diet coach and post it as a video later.


The client wants us to create the best wellness mobile app with lots of functionalities for their fitness and fun activities to attract users and keep them engaged.

Front end – An easy-to-interact user experience
Back end – Design & Architect the entire project
Mobile App – Developed the mobile application using React Native
Analytics – Understanding user activities and their interest



The client wanted the best app to connect fitness coaches and nutritionists with their customers, we achieved the goal after facing lots of challenges and doing smart work on a very short deadline.