Project Name

Friendly Force

Our Role
Client name

Kelly Hill

FriendlyForce is a collaborative hub for incident and disaster communication. It’s where warnings and updates happen, decisions are made and critical information and images are always at your fingertips. Need Food Have Food is a sub-platform of Friendly Force to help with food-related support to society.
  • Web Development with Backend development
    Web Development with Backend development
  • Mobile development
    Mobile development
  • UI/UX Design
    UI/UX Design
  • Front end Angular, Native Script, Tailwind CSS
  • Back end Firebase, Google cloud function


Friendly Force is a platform to help needy people in case of natural disaster and the challenges involved were:

  • To push out notifications and updates quickly.
  • To centralize the mobile and web platform.
  • Integrating the payment service.
  • Adding social media app features for sharing
UI/UX Design


A few of the key highlights are:

Frontend: Refactored UI and functionality to improve user experience.
Stripe: Set up user-to-user payments with merchant commissions.
Backend: Used the Firebase cloud function to send emails and SMS.
Mobile: Integrating website features into the app.
Addition: Build the Need Food Have Food web app from scratch.

UI/UX Design


In the beginning, we worked on developing the web application with a small team. After seeing the deliverables and work, the client assigned the Mobile development and QA testing. The cause of the project is to help needy people and pets in times of disaster with a vision of the client boosting the team to work days and nights to achieve the deadline and get the useful features live for the end users. Friendly force is a platform which has top-notch social media engagement features to gather the crowd and share the events easily at a click. It has a payment transfer feature from one user to another user with a merchant commission which helps to generate funds and do charitable donations. The application has Google Maps integrated with custom-developed handy tools and filters for locating disasters and alerting users when they occur.