Project Name

Movie Ranker

Our Role
Design, Development, Deployment, Support
Client name

Dymitry Kotkin

Movie Ranker is the best social media management platform to discover and engage movie enthusiasts. Discover new movies, theater movies, preview movie trailers, movie news, and more that match your preferences, share or receive the best movie recommendations, or connect with other movie lovers to discuss your favorite films.
  • Web Development
    Web Development
  • UI UX Design
    UI UX Design
  • Social Media Integration
    Social Media Integration
  • Front end Angular, Bootstrap
  • SEO Angular Universal


  • Implementation of custom markdown editor where we added custom editor tags like “”[mr-trailer]: id””, which converted into movie trailer video components and many more such tags
  • Responsive designs for all screens and mobile screens as well
  • SEO feature using Angular Universal


Social Media Integration


Frontend: Easy to interact with user experience with remarkable responsive designs for the mobile screens as well.


Social Media Integration


In MovieRanker, you can find the movies that match your preferences filter based on genre, release date, ratings, and more recommend movies to friends and show off your movie knowledge.
Also, Movie ranker has SEO implemented in a very nice manner to be on the top lists of google search engines.
To create an attractive platform for movie lovers where they can see all upcoming movies/ recommend movies to users.


Social Media Integration