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Paid Inc.

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Design, Development, Deployment, Support
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  • App Development
    App Development
  • Web Development
    Web Development
  • UI UX Design
    UI UX Design
  • Front end React , Bootstrap , Redux
  • Backend Node.js , Express , Mango DB, MySQL , Swagger Doc
  • Code Quality Tool ESLint , Prettier, Husky


Paid had a vision of creating a platform that could help businesses work with Omni channel platforms for complete business solutions.

At the time they approached us, Paid cart was the only service they were providing and the main Challenges were.

  • To get faster integration for users.
  • To create a centralized platform oriented toward business solutions.
  • Mobile Application.
  • Acceptance of physical cards at their POS.





UI UX Design


Paid wants us to address all of their requirements and assist them in creating a nexus of service and for that

  • Front end – An easy to interact user experience.
  • Back end – Design & Architech the entire project.
  • Mobile App – Developed the mobile application using React Native.
  • POS – Card reader supports Wi-fi & Bluetooth Tech.
  • Server Management – Google console integration.





UI UX Design


It was initially our job to handle the front end of this project, however upon seeing our commitment to the project and quality work deliver, the client gave us oversight of the entire project, and we built an easy to use, sustained, and visually appealing interface for them. Paid is a B2B Business solution and payment platform that enables business owners to handle everything from developing a website to collecting payments and shipping products all from a single platform.

These types of projects require expert level development solutions and Webosmotic is a team of digital inventors who pulled this project off.





"There was no company that could provide the services I needed after searching for a long time. When I discovered WebOsmotic, their knowledge of site design and programming made my decision simple."
UI UX Design

David Scott