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Our Role
Design, Development, Support
Client name

Tarka L'Herpiniere

Predictive App helps businesses to build custom AI solutions and Monitor IoT devices in real time providing solutions for various businesses to grow.
  • Web Development
    Web Development
  • UI/UX Design
    UI/UX Design
  • Mobile Development
    Mobile Development
  • Front endAngular JS,Bootstrap
  • Back endJava, GO
  • Code Quality ToolES Lint


Predictive’s initial goal when the client came to us was to create a simple yet Intuitive platform for the end users.

  • Creating Visually appealing Customized Dashboards.
  • To Create an intuitive platform for the end users.
  • Management of Code and to keep the code as re-usable as possible.
  • Customizing UI for end users to see Real-time Updates for the DAS Systems.
  • Understanding their custom IoT3 specifications and configurations.
  • Creating YAML IoT3 Files customized for various DAS Devices.
  • Mobile Application for ECU Bluetooth Connections.





Mobile Development


  • Front End: An easy to interact user experience.
  • IoT3 Development: Creating Customized YAML configuration file to support communication to various DAS Devices.
  • Mobile Application: Developed Mobile Application for ECU Connections via Bluetooth.




Mobile Development


The Predictive project in its initial time was just to create Front end and designs for the users, but over the time our contribution to this project has grown into various branches of the project such as mobile application and the IoT3 development.

Predictive’s aim is to create easy solutions for businesses via AI intelligence and to monitor almost every IoT device on the planet in real time. Along with Monitoring tools, Predictive provided a ticket management system on their platform to easily navigate various issues in the business without needing a 3rd party entity. With Predictive, the end user is with complete ease that their IoT Devices are in Predictive’s capable and safe hands.

These types of projects impacts a lot of important industries such as telecommunications and agriculture and hence need skillful and trusted development which Webosmotic has provided to them since 8 years.