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Web Development, Frontend Development, UI/UX Design
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Florian Helberg

The comprehensive platform for tool-supported implementation and progress management.ProgressMaker, the platform for tool-based high-performance consulting for implementation, progress and OKR steering.
  • Web Development
    Web Development
  • UI/UX Design
    UI/UX Design
  • Front end Angular JS, D3


ProgressMaker has dealing with lots of data coming from a single API on the first load, so the challenges were:

  • To make the initial loading of the application faster even after lots of data was being received.
  • Code optimization to improve performance by making the application modularized.
  • Queue management of user action so that all actions/operations run seamlessly without blocking the user’s interaction with the system.
  • ¬†Integrating Synfusion Query Builder with custom templates and displaying dynamically in tables.
UI/UX Design


Frontend: Easy to use user interface with graphical visualizations.
E2E testing: Designing and writing test automation scripts using Playwright

UI/UX Design


We had started with a single person working on the project but seeing the dedication and quality of the work we are now successfully working as a team of 9 members . The ProgressMaker gives you and your organization a decisive competitive advantage: implementation strength!. Its integrated thinking and management framework helps you and your teams to implement topics faster and more productively than ever before. With Next Level KPI Management and using OKR’s as a steering it helps to focus on things which are of real impact to the organization.