Connect, Collaborate, Conquer: The Power of Your Intranet

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If you’re not keen on leveling up, you might want to skip this. But, if you’re ready to fuel your growth journey, keep reading! We know your organization is doing well, however, what if we told you it could function a lot better? Curious right? Grab your cuppa coffee and brace yourself ‘cause we are going for a deep dive into the mystical realm of intranets. This blog is your passport to the world of digital collaboration, where we unravel the secrets, pitfalls, and dazzling possibilities intranets bring to the modern business stage. Get ready for a rollercoaster of insights, tips, and a sneak peek into the top players in the field of intranet, especially the underdog Let’s go.


Welcome to the backstage of organizational wizardry – the world of intranets. Did you know, 74% of employees feel that they are missing out on crucial company updates? Which makes them feel out of place adding to this, 39% of surveyed employees have said that people in their organization don’t collaborate enough. In the bustling digital marketplace, where every click matters, intranets are the maestros orchestrating a symphony of collaboration, communication, and seamless information flow amongst various organizations.

What exactly is an Intranet?

What is Intranet— you ask? By definition, an intranet is a local or restricted communications network, especially a private network created using World Wide Web software. That’s a too technical definition, isn’t it? Let’s break it down, an intranet is a private and secure online space made for your company. It’s a digital haven where your team can connect, collaborate, and create a better tomorrow for your organization. The intranet has become indispensable, in the business world where connectivity and communication are the few major keys to your organization’s growth. They are the technological asset and the pulse of modern

Top Five Intranets in the Industry Right Now

Now, let’s meet the digital maestros leading the charge in the intranet realm:

Microsoft SharePoint

Ever heard of Microsoft SharePoint? If not, it’s time to get acquainted with the heavyweight champ of intranets. Imagine a place where documents, projects, and ideas are engaged for a productivity party. SharePoint’s got it covered. The cool part? Recent updates have cranked up its features, making it your all-in-one digital sidekick.


Document Management:
SharePoint allows users to store, organize, share, and access documents in a collaborative digital environment.

Team Sites:
These provide dedicated spaces for teams to collaborate, share information, and manage projects.

Integration with Microsoft 365:
Seamless integration with other Microsoft 365 apps enhances productivity and workflow.

Workflow Automation:
Automation of business processes for improved efficiency.

Version Control:
Ensures that everyone works on the latest version of documents.



Comprehensive Collaboration:
Facilitates comprehensive collaboration among teams with various tools and features.

Scales to meet the growing needs of businesses.

Microsoft’s robust security measures ensure data protection.

Integration with Microsoft’s suite of tools streamlines workflow.

Customizable to suit specific business needs.



Enter Workvivo, the intranet that knows how to turn work into a celebration. It’s your digital fiesta where collaboration meets innovation. What sets it apart? Well, Workvivo it’s about making every project a success story.


Newsfeed and Updates:
A social media-like feed for company updates and announcements.

Recognition and Rewards:
Allows employees to recognize and reward their peers.

Integration with Business Apps:
Integration with various business applications.

Employee Surveys:
Tools for conducting employee surveys and gauging sentiment.

Mobile Accessibility:
Accessible via mobile devices for on-the-go collaboration.


Employee Engagement:
Fosters a positive work culture and enhances employee

Promotes transparency through real-time updates and communication.

Easy Adoption:
A User-friendly interface encourages easy adoption by employees.

Performance Metrics:
Tools for tracking and measuring employee performance.

Community Building:
Strengthens the sense of community within the organization.



Picture this: Yammer, the intranet that adds a dash of cool to collaboration. It’s not just about sharing daily updates although that is necessary, it’s also about sparking conversations that ignite ideas. It can Integrate seamlessly with other Microsoft goodies.


Enterprise Social Networking:
Provides a platform for social networking within the enterprise.

Groups and Communities:
Creation of groups and communities for focused discussions.

File Sharing:
Allows for the sharing of documents and files.

Integration with Microsoft 365:
Integration with other Microsoft tools for seamless collaboration.

Employee Recognition:
Tools for recognizing and appreciating employee contributions.


Open Communication:
Encourages open communication and idea-sharing.

Knowledge Sharing:
Facilitates the sharing of knowledge and expertise.

Network Building:
Helps in building professional networks within the organization.

Enhanced Collaboration:
Improves collaboration across different departments.

Alignment with Company Goals:
Aligns employee efforts with organizational goals.



Now, let’s talk Simpplr. Consider it your intranet genie that is granting your business wishes with a sprinkle of simplicity, sounds amazing, right?


Internal Communication:
Tools for streamlined internal communication.

Employee Directory:
A centralized directory for employee information.

Content Management:
Management of digital content and resources.

Mobile Accessibility:
Accessible through mobile devices.

Provides analytics for evaluating intranet performance.


Emphasizes simplicity for user-friendly interactions.

Employee Engagement:
Enhances employee engagement through effective communication.

Tailored Solutions:
Customized to address specific business needs.

Centralized Information:
A centralized hub for accessing critical information.

Scales according to the organization’s growth. The Rising Star

Have you heard of a quote that says, ‘The more important the message is the simpler it must be? does the same it is easy to navigate and use, it’s a great intranet that is built for all SMEs and enterprises with effective features and simpler navigation is a rising star in the intranet galaxy. Let’s dissect its features, functionalities, and why it’s gaining traction in the industry.

Retail vs. Wholesale E-Commerce: Decoding the Duel for Online Dominance


Newsletters and announcements:
Keeps your team well informed with updates and upcoming activities in the company.

Knowledge base/FAQs:
Now, you can stop getting chased and manage all your policies and SOPs in one place for easy access.

Employee referral:
You can motivate your employees to refer more, by making the referral process easy and seamless for them.

Employee directory:
It facilitates easy connection by providing A comprehensive employee directory.

Meeting room bookings:
It allows advanced booking for meeting rooms to ensure a fair and organized scheduling process.

It fosters an internal marketplace for all buying and selling items within the company.

Why Narad Is Winning the Bet Against All the Intranet?

You might be wondering, why is stealing the spotlight. Well, the answer to your wonder is its simplicity, transparency, and efficiency. With all the features and its beta version that it offers to organizations, narad has successfully captured the spotlight and it has been adopted by a wide number of SMEs within the first week of its launch. Imagine the power this intranet must hold!

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In conclusion, it’s clear, that the intranet holds a unique power to simplify and positively streamline your organization’s management for better growth. Intranets aren’t just tools that’ll help you streamline your management system, they are also the heartbeat of modern businesses. From fostering collaboration to enhancing security, they are the heroes creating a symphony of success.

So, embrace the intranet revolution. Your business will thank you. Until next time, let’s stay digitally dynamic and explore more!

Key Learnings

  • Intranets as Growth Catalysts:
    Discover the untapped potential of intranets as drivers of organizational growth, addressing common challenges in communication and collaboration to pave the way for streamlined information flow.
  • Demystifying Intranets:
    The blog simplifies the concept of intranets, portraying them as private digital hubs where teams connect and collaborate, unraveling the complexity often associated with technical jargon.
  • Leading Intranet Players:
    Introducing five standout intranets, including Microsoft SharePoint, Workvivo, Yammer, Simpplr, and, each platform is portrayed as a digital maestro, catering to specific organizational needs with innovative features.
  • Features and Advantages Unveiled: Detailed insights into the features and advantages of the intranets empower readers to make informed choices. From document management to employee engagement, each intranet’s unique strengths are highlighted for enhanced organizational dynamics.
  • (The Rising Star): Spotlighting for its simplicity, transparency, and efficiency, the blog positions it as a rising star. Exclusive features like newsletters, a knowledge base, and a marketplace make a compelling choice for SMEs and enterprises.
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. What's the gist of an intranet, and why does my organization need it?

An intranet is a secure online hub for your team, fostering connection, collaboration, and digital empowerment—a secret sauce for a brighter future.


Q2. How does an intranet go beyond file-sharing?

It's your digital multitool, handling staff info, content, collaboration, project management, and learning—a comprehensive digital companion.


Q3. Can an intranet genuinely improve internal communication and collaboration?

Absolutely! It fosters communication, collaboration, and seamless information flow—a digital water cooler where ideas flourish and teamwork thrives.


Q4. How does using an intranet benefit management and employee engagement?

It levels up management, boosts productivity, ensures transparency, and provides a secure digital landscape for your organization.


Q5. What sets top intranets apart—like Microsoft SharePoint, Workvivo, Yammer, and Simpplr?

Each has its charm! SharePoint excels in collaboration, Workvivo celebrates work, Yammer adds cool to collaboration, and Simpplr grants wishes with simplicity.


Q6. Why is gaining attention in the intranet realm?, the rising star, is known for simplicity, transparency, and efficiency. With features like newsletters and a user-friendly interface, it's a choice for SMEs, stealing the spotlight within the first week of its launch.

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